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First of all, thank you for reading Noosphere and going on this journey with me! I create Noosphere in my free time, and your support is helping it to stay afloat. There are several simple ways to help Noosphere:

— spread the word

Noosphere's readership is very precious to me, but also — very small. Tell your friends and random people on the Internet about Noosphere, every retweet and reblog counts!

— donate a few bucks

Your donations help to keep this website running and pay for my art supplies. You can donate some money through PayPal here or here (accepts Visa / MasterCard), and if you name a character from a videogame, movie, etc. in transaction comment I'll draw them in my Coffee Fanart series!

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Support Noosphere on Patreon to get comic pages in higher resolution and gain early access to new pages as soon as they're finished! Your support literally means the world to me.

— support on Ko-fi

New option: you can follow me on Ko-fi for the new art I post and maybe buy me a coffee there if you feel like it. Don't forget to name a character from a movie / series / videogame while doing so, and I'll draw them in Coffee Fanart series (and post there on Ko-fi as well). What a fitting place for this series, huh!

— say something in comments

I immensely enjoy reading your theories about Noosphere, and your nice comments give me the energy to continue drawing. Thank you for being amazing!

Thank you!

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