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Noosphere is an urban fantasy webcomic about friendship, purpose and other supernatural things that follows the adventures of four friends in an industrial town N-16 controlled by mysterious Noosphere corporation.

Noosphere is finished and available in English and in Russian. Thank you for reading!

Noosphere Book 1

Book 1

Chapters: 1234

11/04/2016 – 11/04/2017

Noosphere Book 2

Book 2

Chapters: 5678

01/06/2017 – 24/09/2019

Noosphere Book 3

Book 3

Chapters: 9101112

01/10/2019 – 11/04/2022

The Longest Summer

Noosphere summer specials that take place between Book 1 and Book 2.

Next webcomic: The Hunter 13.05.2022

Noosphere is done, The Longest Summer has ended. What's next? Announcing The Hunter: urban fantasy action thriller with monsters and miracles.

The Longest Summer: 07/08/2012 19.04.2022

The last episode of The Longest Summer where we'll say our goodbyes to the characters of Noosphere. Just a regular summer day, meeting friends, walking the streets on N-16, having fun at the arcade. But then something unique happens...
New page every Tuesday and Friday!

Pages 13.1–4 11.04.2022

Noosphere's finale is here! Four pages that tell how it ends and what this was all about.
Thank you for reading my comic!

The Longest Summer: Sunset 24.08.2021

With August nearing it's inevitable end it's time for a new episode of The Longest Summer where Quinine and Yaroslav discuss just that: how it feels to think about the end of summer.

Noosphere's Fourth Birthday and The New Episode of The Longest Summer 11.04.2020

Not the happiest of times to celebrate Noosphere's fourth anniversary, but, well, we don't choose the time to live in, we only choose what to do with it. Stay strong, stay safe. And I have a little birthday present to cheer you up a bit: a brand new episode of The Longest Summer, the series of Noosphere's specials that take place between the events of Book 1 and Book 2. This one is a glimpse into relationships between Nika and Yaroslav, and Inga and Quinine. Hope you'll enjoy it. Happy birthday, Noosphere!

Noosphere on Patreon: May Summary 04.06.2019

May was my first month on patreon, and here I wrote a quick summary of the rewards — let's see what sort of content my amazing patrons received this month!

The Longest Summer: Pets 26.09.2018

New episode of The Longest Summer! Three pages with Yarr and Jule talking about pets and other stuff.

Happy Birthday, Noosphere! 11.04.2018

Noosphere is two years old now! First pages went online on April 11, 2016; on April 11, 2017 I finished Book 1, and now we're starting a third year of our journey!

The Longest Summer: new episode! 30.03.2018

The Longest Summer, Noosphere summer specials, are now available here on website, along with the brand new episode — Old Man.

Gallery 18.03.2018

I added a gallery feature to the website. At the moment there are three galleries available: additional Noosphere art, print designs, and Coffee Fanarts.

About Page Previews 12.02.2018

How I make page previews and which part of the page ends up being a preview.

Comic Page Creating Process 20.08.2017

Wall of text where I describe in details the process of creating Noosphere pages (with pages 2.5.9 and 2.5.10 as an example).

Location 30.03.2016

Welcome to N-16, small industrial town with mysterious past, ominous present and unknown future.

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