Next webcomic: The Hunter

Published on 05/13/2022

Noosphere is done, The Longest Summer has ended. What's next? Announcing The Hunter: urban fantasy action thriller with monsters and miracles.

There is darkness in the world, the Abyss, that ages ago found its way into the minds and souls of people. When you listen to its Calling, the dark seed in you grows, and one day—or rather, one night—you turn into a shadow: a powerful nocturnal monster who might control their desire for cruelty but might prefer not to. Standing between humanity and the Abyss are the clerics who use mystical power of Light to heal body and soul, to protect people and to destroy shadows. Those of clerics who specialize in the latter are called the hunters.

The Hunter will be free to read here on my website and probably also on apps like tapas or webtoon (or both). I don't have launch date yet, and given current situation in Russia might not have it for quite some time. If you don't want to miss The Hunter's launch when (and if) it finally happens, follow me on twitter (in English) or telegram (in Russian) for further announcements. You can also sign up to my patreon to read first pages of it in early access, it is free at the moment with monthly billing switched off for the foreseeable future.

UPDATE: Read The Hunter here!

Thank you for reading my stories!

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