The Longest Summer: 07/08/2012 (8/8)

The Longest Summer: 07/08/2012 (8/8) 13.05.2022

Hi, Helene and Max! We meet Helene and Max in chapter 1, page 1.1.7, and in every Interlude.

Bye, Helene and Max! Helene and Max die in the finale, page 13.2.

Hi, Sphinx! After hearing rumors about them throughout book 1 we receive confirmation of their existence in chapter 5, page 2.5.17, and meet them in chapter 6, page 2.6.7. And here we see their awakening: on August 7, 2012, after their focus, Yar, sat in front of the rose window, the lens of noosphere, and talked with Claudius about Jule.

Fun facts:

  • As you might have noticed in main comic (first on page 1.4.32, though it wasn't clear back then, then on 2.6.7, 3.9.3, 3.9.12, 3.11.30) white dot in the center of black screen is a sign that Sphinx is using this device for communication with a human. Their signature, if you will.
  • In this episode those characters who died in the main comic look towards the camera more often than survivors. If in certain panel we see both doomed character and survivor then the face of the one who died is shown more clearly.

That's it. Goodbye, Noosphere!

And hello, The Hunter, my next webcomic! You can read its full announcement here.

The Hunter: neo noir urban fantasy action thriller with monsters and miracles

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